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The company is specialized in Needled Corrugated Belt producing .
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MB 13930396107


Replacement of the imported ones
Running well in RenHe (ZhangJiaGang) Packaging Co.,
BHS cardboard producing line made in Germany Speed 250m/min Width 2.58m
Guarantee of the quality
ChangZhouShiDai Packaging Co,. JiangSu Province
All of the 6 belts from our company
Cooperative partner
JingShan Machinery Co,. HuBei Province (HanChuan JinSheng Packaging Co., HuBei Province )

          AV  Hijaz  Cartons  Factory                                            Gulf  carton  factory
          AL watania  co  for  industries(paper)

          Delta  Box  company                                               Ӣ CBS packaging
                    OSMAN  PACK  CO.                                                    ʣMehr sepand paper Co.
                    Alfa  Group  for  import  and  marketing                  RCorrflex  Service & Trading
          _˹  JSC VESTA-BKS                                                       Nextwire  LLC
          ӡ  Senior  Mechanical  works                                        ɳص؅^  AL IAYAT  CARTON  Factory                          
                  Sun-up India Packaging  Machinery  Co.,ltd                     Riyadh  Carton  Factory
                       Jash  packaging  Co                                                                 JR Group
          ͻ˹̹  KAYBEE  MACHINERY  CO.

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