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The company is specialized in Needled Corrugated Belt producing .
     Located in a beautiful seaside city-QinhuangdaoHebei China , JinQiang Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd is specialized in corrugated belt producing. Since its establishment in 2003,the company has own two advanced needle corrugated belt producing lines ,and the annual productivity is more than 60000 square meters .The brand of JINQIANG BELT has passed the testing of China Packaging Association and also we have obtained the patent (No.:ZL:03242111.7). Our belt also performing well when being used on the German BHS cardboard producing line (width of 2.58meters and speed of 250meters per minute).There is a specialized team engaging in technique improvement in our company .Thus the quality of our belt is superior to that of the same price .Our products are also the best substitutes for the imported ones .
At present ,our belts have spreaded every corner of the nation, and also ,come out of China to Europe ,Africa and South-east Asia.
We believe that the existence of our enterprise depends on
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Email: qhdyqicb@163.com
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